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Possible dangerous substance detected behind health crisis due to vaping

In Bogotá the vapers protested, while in the US Experts announced that for the first time they detected a potentially harmful chemical substance in biological samples of patients with pulmonary vaping lesions.

Users of the vaping from different cities of the country were concentrated in the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá, Colombia, on November 8, 2019. The group joined to defend the use of this electronic device and protest against what they say “disinformation campaign and discredit. ”Juan David Moreno Gallego – Anadolu Agency

While in Bogotá a group of vapers decided to protest in the Plaza de Bolivar arguing that "life-saving vaping", experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a communication in which they claimed to have identified a possible culprit behind the avalanche of diseases related to vaping. It is a chemical known as vitamin E acetate.

According to experts, this substance that is used as an additive or thickening agent in some vaping products with marijuana derivatives, appeared in each sample of lung fluid collected from 29 patients with diseases related to vaping.

After months of uncertainty around the world over the number of cases of people with lung diseases, the announcement of the CDC team is an advance to clarify the debate. In the United States alone, 2,051 cases were reported in 49 states. The deaths recorded for this cause officially amount to 40.

However, health officials were cautious and insisted that the findings should be confirmed through animal studies, and commented that it is too early to rule out other possible causes.

"These new findings are significant because, for the first time, we have detected a possible worrying toxin, vitamin E acetate, in biological samples," said Anne Schuchat, deputy principal director of the CDC. But, he added, "there is more work to do." (In Bogotá, provapeo groups met in the Plaza de Bolívar. Photo: Juan David Moreno Gallego, Anadolu Agency).

The experts took samples of pulmonary lavage fluid from 29 patients using electronic cigarettes or vaping. Vitamin E acetate was detected in all samples. Marijuana derivatives were identified in 82% of the samples and nicotine was identified in 62% of the samples.

Other suspicious substances such as vegetable oils, petroleum distillates such as mineral oil and terpenes were also searched during the tests but none of these possible chemicals of interest were detected in the samples.

"These findings complement the work in some state public health laboratories," experts said and recommended once again "that people do NOT use electronic cigarettes or vaping products containing THC, particularly from informal sources such as friends, family, or in person or online. "

Regarding the general position towards electronic cigarettes, this health agency notes that "electronic cigarette products or vapers should never be used by young people, young adults or pregnant women." They also suggest that adults who currently do not use tobacco products should not start using electronic cigarette products or vapers. "There is no safe tobacco product. All tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, carry a risk," they warn. (Read: Electronic cigarettes: what does science say?)


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