Positively surprised – St. Galler (36) describes how he got his vaccination certificate


The federal government wanted to enable vaccination certificates to be issued by the end of June. Now everything went faster. Certificates are already being issued in the canton of St. Gallen. An owner portrays.

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The first vaccination certificates are issued in the canton of St. Gallen.


With just a few clicks you can get your personal certificate.

With just a few clicks you can get your personal certificate.


The federal government has developed an app for this purpose.

The federal government has developed an app for this purpose.


  • A 36-year-old from St. Gallen describes how he got his vaccination certificate.

  • The computer scientist is surprised that everything went so quickly.

  • He did not expect the certificate to be issued before the end of the month.

A 36-year-old computer scientist from the city of St. Gallen was one of the first people in Switzerland to receive a vaccination certificate. He says: «I am glad that I have already received this certificate. As soon as my partner has one too, we can visit her parents abroad again, for example. We haven’t seen her for a long time. ” But first she still has to receive the second dose of vaccine. The vaccination certificate is not so important to the St. Gallen resident for life in Switzerland, he sees it primarily as a relief for traveling and for visiting relatives.

The 36-year-old did not expect to have a certificate so early. “I’m pleasantly surprised, I already have a vaccination certificate,” he says. The federal government has announced that it will gradually introduce the system from the beginning of June. It should be available by the end of June. The canton of St. Gallen came to the aid that it used its own vaccination tool. This application has then proven itself for the national vaccination certificate. This is why St. Gallen residents were the first in the whole country to apply for a national vaccination certificate.

With just a few clicks to the certificate

The computer scientist got the vaccination certificate out of curiosity. He describes: “I happened to see on Monday that I could apply for a certificate. I did that then. It said that you had to be patient until the end of June. ” On Wednesday night, the 36-year-old received an email with the message that his certificate was ready. He then downloaded the necessary app and scanned a QR code in the mail with the app. And so he got his vaccination certificate, which consists of a QR code and information about his corona vaccination. It is currently still open whether it will be possible to deliver the certificates in paper form.

The St. Gallen resident is amazed at how quickly it was possible to issue such a certificate in Switzerland. He says critically: “In the past, comparable projects often took longer than initially announced for the applications to work.” As a computer scientist, he understands that. A lot of things have to be taken into account during development, such as interfaces between the cantons and the federal government. The 36-year-old is all the happier that this time everything has apparently worked out and that he is one of the first people in Switzerland to have a vaccination certificate.

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