Portugal will check the legality of Abramovich’s passport: Business climate: Economy: Lenta.ru

Portuguese authorities have launched an investigation into the legality of issuing a national passport to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Reported by Reuters.

As stated in the Ministry of Justice of the country, such a check is a standard procedure when information about “any possible violation” is received. The investigation is being carried out by the Institute for Registrations and Notaries (IRN).

The fact that Roman Abramovich turned out to be a citizen of Portugal was reported in December by the local newspaper Publico. According to the source of the publication, the 55-year-old businessman received the country’s passport in April 2021 as a descendant of Sephardi Jews. It is known that Abramovich is a member of the Porto Jewish community, of which he was a benefactor. The businessman himself then did not comment on the information about his Portuguese citizenship.


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