Portugal is the fourth country in the European Union with the most new daily cases of infection

Portugal went from second to fourth country in the European Union (EU) last week with more new daily cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection per million inhabitants, despite having increased in this indicator.

In data from the statistical website Our World in Data, Portugal has an average of 268 new cases per million daily, while Cyprus has an average of 1,012, the Netherlands of 386 and Spain of 319.

The EU countries with the fewest new cases continue further east: Poland with 2.1, Romania with 2.2, Hungary (4.1) and Slovakia (5.6).

Although not in the European Union, the United Kingdom appears among the countries of the European continent with the highest numbers and an average of new cases within seven days of 477 per million inhabitants.

Among the countries in the rest of the world with more than one million inhabitants, Portugal rose from 20th to 15th in a list headed by Cyprus, Tunisia (661 new cases), Mongolia (597.83), Namibia (550 .53), United Kingdom (477) and Cuba (474).

The average of new cases in the last seven days in the European Union stands at 83, more than double the average of 39 last week and in the world at 56.45, when last week it was 49.


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