Portugal has two more Iberian lynxes in the wild: “Sidra” and “Salao” | Iberian Lynx

It was on the run that two Iberian lynxes left their cages behind and found freedom. In a field near Alcoutim, in the Algarve, the lynxes arrived in a cage, covered with a green cloth – with an opening large enough for the hundreds of people who watched and photographed them this Tuesday to peer out. The first lynx, the male Hall, he had a few seconds of hesitation when Minister Duarte Cordeiro opened the cage door for him. It didn’t take long before, with the grace of cats, he ran a few feet forward. When it stops, it’s already far away. She still looks for a few seconds at the horizon of her new home, while wagging her short tail, as if getting used to it. And she goes on her way, until she disappears through the bushes.



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