Portrait – The fall of Pierre Ménès, the man who believed himself untouchable, cultivated enmities and violent attacks against players even going so far as to post his salary at 6 figures – Video

Involved in cases of sexual assault, Pierre Ménès has established himself in his 40-year career as a divisive but essential voice in football, on Canal + in particular, with sharp remarks and famous enmities. “I say what I think”, summed up to AFP, in April 2017, the star of the “Canal Football Club” of which he was for nearly 12 years “the bottom of the sauce, the thing that gives taste”.

Loud mouth known for his cookie-cutter comments, he was then preparing to resume the air after seven months of absence, his life saved by a double transplant of the kidney and the liver after a non-alcoholic cirrhosis. A rare moment when he was unanimous and aroused compassion.

Four years later, a change of mood: his behavior towards women, highlighted in a documentary broadcast in March, was right about his collaboration with the encrypted channel, until then suspected of having protected him. “Obviously I am sent a woman”, he says to his lawyer, Arash Derambarsh, during an interview with AFP last week, to announce his departure from Canal +

. “11 years ago, Bigard filled the Stade de France with + The release of sluts +, even if some deny me this right, I maintain that times have changed”, defends the one that Canal + has hired to “shake the coconut tree” . “I do not make any difference between women and men”, he assures, describing himself as “someone affectionate, tactile, cuddly, all these things which are unfortunately impossible today”, after #MeToo.

If he claims to have chosen to leave Canal +, leaving the field seemed inevitable for this football specialist, a passion born in adolescence after that he devoted to fencing, practiced until a moped accident at 15 years old. .

Son of an insurer and an associate of English, the former student in history and GO at Club Med – where he gave tennis lessons – began his career as a journalist in 1983 at France Football at the end of a visit to the newspaper’s premises.

He joined the team the following year and remained there until the mid-2000s, when his coverage of the Arsenal Invincibles (2003-2004 season), carried by his proximity to the French club (Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires) makes it take off.

The general public discovered his strong personality when he joined M6 in 2005, after a brief experience as communications manager at the Stade de Reims. He then animates “100% Foot” with Estelle Denis, the “sister he never had”.

In 2009, the sports director of Canal +, Cyril Linette, in search of “hair to scratch” for a channel which he considers “too smooth”, makes him enter “in the sheepfold” to “shake up conventions”, relates a former colleague of the columnist.

“Failed footballer”, “bad”, “pipes” … “Pierrot le football”, from the name of his old blog for Yahoo, multiplies on the air the projections against the referees, the coaches, some players of the team of France.

The hearings are at the rendezvous. “It is divisive, and like all divisors, people love it,” said the former colleague, who requested anonymity.

Except that “the big mouth” with 2.5 million subscribers on Twitter, self-proclaimed “Madonna of blacks, cops and Arabs”, collides behind the scenes.

“Omnipotent”, arrived on the encrypted channel with “this feeling of being above others”, Pierre Ménès feels “untouchable”, adds the same source. “It is someone who behaves completely disrespectful of people in general, who believes himself to be allowed anything”, laments a former collaborator, while assuring that he is not “a sexual predator”.

If he is not currently the subject of a complaint for sexual assault, the columnist was the subject of a judicial investigation for “moral harassment” following a complaint in 2020 (after a previous one dismissed) from his former assistant Emmanuel Trumer, who accuses him of “homophobia” and “racism”. In return, he sued him for libel.

Guest of Le QG, Pierre Ménès answered straightforward to a question asked by Jimmy Labeeu and Guillaume Pley on what he had declared in taxes for the year 2019:

“My declared tax income? Uh…. 170,000 euros for the year. I am proud to earn money. In France, earning money is bad, but I am proud. is before paying taxes obviously. My biggest advertising stamp? 160,000 euros for the Feu Vert ad, and there was a commercial on TV, and it had over 50 million viewers cumulatively. I could have asked for more. “

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