Portaltic.-The wellness and mental health resources that TikTok makes available to the user community

MADRID, 6 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

TikTok has shared a relationship of the wellness and mental health resources that the platform makes available to your community users, and has expanded with additional tools to offer support to people with eating disorders.

The company explains in a statement that the community openly, honestly and creatively shares important topics such as emotional and psychological well-being, or the acceptance and normalization of diversity around body image, and the way they support each other and they help each other in difficult times.

In addition to serving as inspiration, as he assures, one of the objectives of the platform is that the community sit in a safe environment. To do this, you are taking additional steps to make it easier for people to find resources when they need them on the platform.

If someone is looking for terms or phrases that may be related to emotional distress, such as the term #suicide, TikTok les redirects to local support resources, such as the Hope Phone helpline, where you can find support and information on treatment options.

The platform has also consulted independent experts to provide content from creators who share their personal experiences, give information on where to seek support and advice on how to talk to loved ones about these issues.

These videos will appear in search results for specific terms related to suicide or self-harm, and the community will be able to choose to view them.

Moreover, on the platform content that promotes, glorifies or normalizes suicide, self-harm or eating disorders is not allowed. To support people who choose to share their personal experiences to raise awareness or help others, he has created a Wellness Guide, developed with the guidance of independent experts.

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The guides, which are available from the Safety Center, also offer tips to help community members engage responsibly with someone who may be struggling or in danger.


Earlier this year, TikTok launched new features to support users who may be living in or recovering from an eating disorder. Specifically, it explains that when a user searches for terms related to eating disorders, they directs ADANER, the Association in Defense of Attention to Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, and you are provided adequate tools and resources.

They have also been introduced on the platform permanent public service announcements on selected hashtags to raise awareness and provide support to our community.

TikTok is expanding these resources with a New Safety Center Guide to Eating Disorders for Teens, Caregivers, and EducatorsDeveloped in consultation with independent experts, it provides information, support and advice on eating disorders.


Likewise, the platform has organized the #MentalHealth week, from October 5 to 10, with various activities within the application, including an information center that will offer tools and resources aimed at promoting emotional and psychological well-being.

Likewise, a series of TikTok creators and independent experts will share content on the platform to learn and explore important related topics.



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