Porsche unveils the 911 Sport Classic

The 911 Sport Classic is the second model in a collection of special series produced by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, the personalization department of the German firm. As a reminder, the first was the Targa 4S Heritage Design, unveiled almost a year ago.

These vehicles are inspired by the design of older models. For the Sport Classic, it is the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 offered between 1971 and 1972. The base here is the Turbo version, with the bodywork enlarged but the side air intakes removed. This 911, on the other hand, gains a new “ducktail” style spoiler, inspired by that of its ancestor. Expert eyes will also have noticed the double boss on the roof.

For the presentation color, Porsche has chosen grey, a nod to the 356. But this 911 can also be ordered in black or blue. White stripes are painted on the front bonnet, roof and spoiler. On board, the retro touch is provided by the houndstooth pattern on the seats and doors.

Personalization isn’t just about looks. This 911 benefits from an unprecedented technical configuration. It is equipped with a biturbo flat-six that delivers 550 hp. That’s 30 hp less than the Turbo. But the particularity here is the 7-speed manual gearbox, while the Turbo has the PDK double clutch. The Sport Classic is thus the most powerful of the 911 with manual gearbox currently available. As standard, the model receives a sport-type exhaust and suspension.

The 911 Sport Classic will be produced in limited quantities (1250 units). Deliveries will begin in July. The price is crazy: 280,603 €. The Turbo starts at €197,488.



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