Porsche, auctioned the Carrera GT bought (secretly) by Schumacher

The GT Race represents, to date, one of the fastest, most expensive and most sought after models ever made by Porsche. Produced in the early 2000s in just 1,270 units, the super sports car from Zuffenhausen also boasts an unexpected name among its admirers: Michael Schumacher. The German driver allegedly bought a Carrera GT in 2004, when he was a Scuderia Ferrari driver and dominated the length and breadth of circuits around the world at the wheel of the Red. Operation carried out in total secrecy, to avoid making it known that the 7-time German world champion had bought a supercar that was not among those made in Maranello. To reveal this background the auction house Elferspot, which has put up for sale the car in question.

Schumacher and Carrera GT, history revealed

From the Prancing Horse of Ferrari to the Prancing Horse of Stuttgart, the symbol of Porsche. The passion for ultra-high performance cars often burns uncontrollably, to the point of forgetting contractual obligations and image issues. We are in 2004, in the heyday of the Ferrari-Schumacher duo: behind the wheel of that year’s single-seater, the F2004 shared with Rubens Barrichello, the German driver he would have won 13 racesleaving only the crumbs to his opponents and becoming World Champion for the 7th time months in advance.

It was the time when Schumacher meant Ferrari, and vice versa. However, even in the most solid relationships it can happen to be enchanted by something external. Which, in the case of the German, was the Porsche Carrera GT. According to the Elferspot auction house, the Kaiser would have decided to buy an example of the supercar from Zuffenhausen, but without being able to do so directly, as the link with Ferrari allowed him to drive only Prancing Horse sports cars. Like this, Schumacher would have asked for help from his longtime manager, Willi Weber, who would have concluded the purchase for him. Since then, Michael would have been very careful never to be seen around on the Carrera GT (which remained in his hands until 2008), so much so that this story had remained unknown until today.

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All’asta the Kaiser’s Porsche

Elferspot, who put the car up for sale, ensures that he is able to prove that the car actually belonged to the 7-time world champion, and that all documents are available to interested customers. The Carrera GT ex Schumacher is a black specimen, with black rims and red details. The interiors are instead black with gray inserts, with exposed carbon fiber portions. On the dashboard, as well as on the rear of the car, the “MS” logo is present used by Schumacher throughout his career. Currently, the car has traveled just over 14 thousand km.

Equipped with a centrally mounted 5.7-liter V10 engine, the Carrera GT produced 612 horsepower of maximum power and 590 Nm of torque. From 0 to 100 km / h she accelerated in 3.9 seconds, and was capable of reaching 330 per hour. The auction house Elferspot has not disclosed the starting price requested for Michael Schumacher’s Porsche, but examples in like new condition have exceeded, in recent years, prices exceeding 2 million euros. Figures probably also within the reach of this specimen, given the fame of its former owner.

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