Popular streaming service Prime Video is undergoing a major overhaul

Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, is getting a completely new design, with more emphasis on original content, among other things. Amazon plans to roll out the new version of its platform this week.

Amazon is releasing a brand new version of its streaming platform this week. The company says it has been working on the new design for about a year and a half.

What will change? First of all, the homepage will be completely overhauled. Viewers will now see a clearer site.

The emphasis will be on Amazon’s own productions (think of series such as The Boys in The Lord of the Rings), live programming and the most viewed content on the platform.

Amazon also makes it easier to find movies and series with an improved search function.

This week the new version will be available for televisions and Android devices. The web version and iOS will follow at a later date.

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