Pope laments “real hell” in some religious communities – News

“I often say this with regret, and I speak in general, not about you because I don’t know you, we found that some religious communities are a real hell, a hell of jealousy and power struggles”, he told participants in the 19th edition. chapter of this congregation.

Francis had previously considered that “mercy and tenderness are universal languages ​​that know no limits”, but that must be “taken care of not only on a personal level, but also in a community style”.

“And where is love? It is curious, these religious communities have rules, a system of life, but love is lacking,” she lamented, without specifying one in particular.

For this reason, the Argentine pontiff exhorted the Comboni Missionaries to choose love and forgiveness, because that is, he said, “what attracts people”.

“There is a lot of envy, jealousy, power struggles, and forgiveness is better, it is the witness of love, which is what attracts people. Love for one another, that we do not shoot at each other but that we always move forward”, concluded Pope Francis.



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