Pope Francis surprise in the record store, the daughter of the owner: “An immense joy”

Everyone was surprised by the visit of Pope francesco in a record shop. The shop owner’s daughter told Tv2000 about the joy of seeing the pope. «Yesterday around 7 pm Pope Francis arrived. It was an immense joy to welcome him to our shop, we were speechless », Tiziana said to the microphones of Tg2000, the TV2000 news program.

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Pope francesco he is a lover of music and loves to wander around the center of Rome by surprise. Yesterday he was ‘paparazzi’ in a record shop near the Pantheon. He was an old regular client of theirs before he became pope and knows the family that runs the business well.

“Dad – has explained Tizianahe has been a friend of my mother Letizia for a long time and also used to come here as a cardinal. Every time he passed through Rome he visited our shop. And yesterday seeing him in the guise of Pope was an immense joy. It was about 15 minutes. We gave him a box of classical music CDs. The best memory of yesterday’s meeting is the simplicity of an extraordinary man ».

Last updated: Wednesday 12 January 2022, 14:54




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