The decline for Sigrid Kaag and her D66 is total now that it appears that she is the minister in whom the Dutch voter has the least confidence of all. So she does even worse than the totally incompetent Kajsa Ollongren, which is downright hilarious.

It really doesn’t look good for the potential of D66 under Sigrid Kaag. Because research by Maurice de Hond shows that she is not trusted at all at the moment. Just look at the ranking of ministers based on the confidence voters have in them. Madame dangles somewhere at the very bottom. Well, somewhere? No, she just dangles really hard at the bottom.

According to De Hond, Kaag was still in fifth place in March of this year, where Mark Rutte is now. Since then – that is, since the elections – it has been in total free fall. And the most hilarious thing is that the voter is exactly the most has confidence in Wouter Koolmees. That’s her party colleague. So it can’t be spun like, ‘well, D66 is doing it a little less now anyway.’ That’s not it. This is about Kaag personally.

The bottom line is that Kaag did especially well in these kinds of studies when people didn’t really know her yet. But heyo hit more famous people with her, the less they trust her.

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Although the Dutch people still continue to vote for Mark Rutte’s VVD for completely unknown reasons, we have to admit that the lack of trust in Sigrid Kaag proves that the Dutch do have some knowledge of people. That offers hope.

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