Two policemen were surrounded and attacked on Tuesday by 20 to 30 people when they were detaining a man in a neighborhood of Oeiras (Lisbon), having fired into the air to disperse the group, PSP announced today.

According to the PSP, two civil police officers were inspecting, at around 22:30 on Tuesday, a suspicious vehicle in the Barronhos neighborhood, in Oeiras, when they were approached by a man, referred to in other criminal situations, who “for no apparent reason, began to insult and push the police”.

The two agents detained the man, who “began to scream, calling other family members and residents of the neighborhood,” PSP added.

The police were then surrounded by a group of 20 to 30 people who threw bottles and stones at the officers in an attempt to free the detainee.

“When one of the police officers was taking the detainee to a police vehicle, he was violently assaulted with kicks in the back, so, in this scenario, the other policeman took up the weapon that has been distributed by the PSP, firing a shot into the air in order to to stop that serious and unlawful aggression and disperse the group of aggressors”, explained the PSP, in a note, noting that the shot did not cause “damage or injuries to third parties and had the desired effect, the group having dispersed”.

The aggressors were not detained, “but are identified and referenced”, and “the necessary procedural steps are being finalized” for the case to be handed over to the Public Ministry of Oeiras, said the PSP.