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BDuring a traffic focus campaign in Burgenland, numerous advertisements were recorded on Saturday evening and on Sunday night.

According to police, ten people drove their respective vehicles in a state impaired by alcohol or drugs. The highest measured alcohol level was 1.94 per mille, which was certified by a 56-year-old driver in the Oberwart district.

920 vehicle drivers were checked, and a total of 628 alcohol and alcohol tests were carried out. There were 191 other reports, 98 penal orders were issued.

In addition, there were 102 reports of speeding, and in 60 cases there were complaints about not keeping enough distance. 88 officials from the state traffic department and the district police commanders were involved in the nationwide grid square.

In Oberwart, a drug dealer stated during an inspection that he operated an indoor plantation at home. During a voluntary inspection at the man’s place of residence, nine cannabis plants were found and secured, the Burgenland state police reported in a broadcast.

The driver’s license was provisionally taken away, and reports were made to the responsible district administration authority.

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