Police, fitness champion and hook in 'The island of temptations'

Police, fitness champion and hook in 'The island of temptations'

Leire Perez

Friday, May 5, 2023, 01:17

The day to day of Iker de la Llosa, a Local Police from the Nervión-Ibaizabal region, would be an effort for many mortals. Known for being one of the young people who participated two years ago as a ‘hook’ on the television program ‘La isla de las temptaciones’, he has been the winner of the latest edition of the Men’s Physique north cup, a category within fitness in which the participants boast of an athletic and muscular body, but without reaching bodybuilding standards.

In reality television he did not have much prominence. As he himself admitted, when he was expelled in the first weeks of broadcast “I did not connect” with the girls. And it is that others were ahead of him in his goal of cajoling and tempting the participants, who put their love and stable relationships to the test.

Nothing to do with your last experience. De la Llosa is a lover of the gym and nutrition. He trains five days a week with weights and bolsters his physique with fasted cardio for an additional three days every seventh. It’s not the only thing. He does not usually put sweets or cravings in his mouth. «I have been taking care of myself all my life so it has not been very difficult to endure the weeks leading up to the contest. I wanted to do it because I wanted to keep my head focused on a project and participate in something different”, he assures ELCORREO.

This time it was, as they say, to arrive and kiss the saint, because it was the first time he had competed in an event of this type. «It has not been difficult to prepare myself, it is true that twenty weeks before the contest you cannot eat any pastries, chocolate or anything like that because you throw everything overboard. You give information to the body and if you eat a palm tree, it resets again, you have to know how we work. The question is not to diet, but to eat well, ”he insists while wearing a palm.

Getting on stage was not difficult for him either. “They put you in a line, you have to do a number of poses depending on the category and they compare you with others to see who gets the podium,” he recalls. The jury in each category seeks a specific aesthetic. In this, Iker had to show himself in four different positions. One from the front, one for each profile and the last one from behind. “They compare us with different things such as muscle tone, structure, aesthetics…”, lists the municipal agent.

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Once the first screening was passed, the Biscayan bib number managed to prevail over his opponents and in a second stretch he faced the two participants chosen for the final. Again, he was back on top. For this 32-year-old from Biscay, with a degree in Industrial Engineering, it is “proud” to be the first. “It’s a job of training, nutrition and you have to be very strict and disciplined, so on a personal level it is very gratifying to win, to win a contest of this type.” “I didn’t expect it because he had never competed”, he comments, satisfied with the result achieved.

At the moment he does not know if he will appear again in the next edition of the contest. The first tests begin in June and after the summer break, they return in September and October. «Everything depends on the desire that I have, at the moment nothing marked me. There are every year and people who repeat after a long time », she points out.

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