On Saturday evening, an unknown man sexually molested two young women in the Murpfli bus stop in Oberwil.

(many) On Saturday evening in Oberwil in the Murpfli bus stop, two young women were sexually harassed by a man, according to a statement from the law enforcement authorities in Zug. The women, aged 16 and 17, testified that they were approached by an unknown man in a white passenger car and that the car was exposed in front of them.

The Zug police are asking the population for help. The perpetrator was described as an approximately 1.90 to 2 meter tall, 25 to 30 year old, Mediterranean-looking man with a 3-day beard, a muscular build, in gray, short pants, a gray tank top and blue baseball cap. The man spoke German and English and was traveling in a white car.

Anyone who has observed the incident or can provide information about the man they are looking for is asked to report to the operations control center of the Zug police at 041 728 41 41.