“Parents, keep your kids indoors at night.” The police addressed this appeal to Roosendaal parents after the riots of the past week. Parents are also urged to pay close attention to their children. A total of 22 people have been arrested so far during the riots, many of them minors. The youngest was 13 years old.

The police are still looking for more rioters in Roosendaal. So far 22 arrests have been made, but the police know there are still perpetrators on the loose. Over the past week it has been restless for several evenings in the Roosendaal district of Langdonk.

The disturbances started on Sunday evening. Among other things, a primary school was set on fire and a van was set on fire. Fourteen suspects, aged 15 to 26, and a 52-year-old woman were arrested that evening.

Young suspects
Eight more suspects were arrested Monday evening. These are mostly young suspects, aged 13, 14, 15 and 19. A 22-year-old resident of Breda has also been arrested.

Three boys aged 15 and 16 were also arrested at the Reginadonk. There was pruning waste set on fire. A tree also caught fire. These three suspects are still in custody. Everyone else has been charged and released.

More perpetrators
Police are still looking for more perpetrators. For example, a bus shelter on the Amberberg was blown up on Tuesday evening with heavy fireworks. The perpetrators managed to escape.

No suspects have yet been arrested specifically for the arson attacks in the primary school and a daycare center and for the smashing of windows at another school. The police think there are people in Roosendaal who know more about the vandals, but who have not yet passed it on. She asks him to do it anyway.


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