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At the upcoming NATO summit, Polish President Andrzej Duda will discuss the suspension of the construction of the Baltic Pipe, which will transport Norwegian natural gas through Denmark to Poland. This is reported by Polskie Radio.

It is noted that the launch of the gas pipeline will ensure the independence of Warsaw from Gazprom. According to Polskie Radio, the country’s authorities expect the situation with Baltic Pipe to be clarified soon.

On June 6, it was reported that Polish journalists were afraid of the narrowing around the country of the “Russian-German loop” due to the shutdown of the Baltic Pipe project. According to Jacek Lizinevich from Gazeta Polska, without deliveries via the Baltic Pipe, Warsaw will again become a “petitioner” for gas from Russia.

A permit to work in Danish waters was obtained in July 2019, but on May 31, 2021, the Danish Environment and Food Appeals Board revoked it. The regulator saw a threat to sleepyheads, wood mice and bats, which are protected by the application of the Fourth European Directive on the protection of natural habitats. In this regard, the Danish operator of the transport system Energinet, which is partnering with the Polish operator Gas System in construction, is preparing a plan to temporarily stop work in order to obtain a permit.

A memorandum on the construction of the Baltic Pipe, with the help of which Warsaw wants to receive Norwegian gas, was signed by Poland and Denmark several years ago. The gas pipeline should start working in 2022, and the Russian contract will expire in the same year. The Polish authorities have repeatedly stated that they will not renew it, but will manage with Norwegian gas and the purchase of liquefied natural gas. Moreover, Warsaw was counting on selling gas to Ukraine itself.

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