Several dozen demonstrations took place this Sunday to protest against the recent judgment of the Polish constitutional court which attacks the foundations of the community legal order. Despite a successful attendance, the event highlighted the lack of unity of the democratic opposition.

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Lhe small square opposite the Royal Palace in Warsaw, in the heart of the old town, was packed with people this Sunday, October 10. Waving Polish and European flags, tens of thousands of demonstrators (nearly 100,000 according to the city’s press service) responded to the call of Donald Tusk, president of the country’s largest opposition party (Civic Platform, PO ).

Three days earlier, on Thursday October 7, just hours after the Polish Constitutional Court handed down a controversial judgment calling into question the principle of the primacy of European Union (EU) law over national law, Mr Tusk called on “all those who want to defend a European Poland” to mobilize. In addition to the rally being held in the capital, more than thirty demonstrations were recorded across the country.

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