Poland is rehearsing the Polexit: the government in Warsaw wants to ignore the decision of the ECJ

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A central part of the Polish judicial reform is incompatible with EU law and endangers the independence of judges. This is the conclusion of the European Court of Justice. But the Warsaw government does not want to implement the judgment. Opposition leader Tusk: “The PiS wants to get out of Europe”.

Of Ulrich Krökel, Warsaw | 5.30 a.m., July 16, 2021


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Poken is on a course of confrontation with the EU © APA/AFP/JANEK SKARZYNSKI

The dispute between Poland and the EU over the rule of law is worsening. The government in Warsaw no longer wants to accept the primacy of European law as stipulated in the EU treaties. “The Polish Constitution comes first“Explained Justizminister Zbigniew Ziobro on Wednesday evening and added a declaration of war: “We will defend ourselves against legal aggression by the EU and a seizure of power by the European Court of Justice.” To suspend parliament or the president ”.

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