Pokémon Unite adds a new option that will completely change the game


This mode brings Pokémon Unite closer to the classic titles of the saga.

Pokémon Unite was officially launched during the past year 2021 for Nintendo Switch, and from that moment it became a real success. A large number of people began to play the popularly named “Pokémon LOL”, and that is frankly they couldn’t have picked a better nickname. Later it would also reach mobile devices (as promised in its official announcement) managing to gain more public and revitalize the game, since by that time the number of users had already fallen and it was not particularly relevant on social networks (something that Although it may not seem like it, it is tremendously important for a video game of this type).

We could say that in that launch only one problem was attributed to it: its mechanics close to what would be a “pay to win”, which allowed you to pay to get some objects that made you do more damage, have more lives and other style improvements. Unfortunately we haven’t received any type of update that definitively fixes this, but we are going to receive an update with a very interesting game mode.

An artist imagines what the final evolution of Sprigatito will be like in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Get all!

The slogan of the Pokémon saga is “Catch’em All” which, if translated, would be “Catch them all”, or as it was localized here in Spain for the opening of the animated series: “Get everyone”. For this reason, it was quite curious that in Pokémon Unite no Pokémon could be captured, something that we could attribute to the fact that it is a spin off (it is not the first time that a Pokémon spin off does not allow these creatures to be captured), but now we can do this with the new mode.

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With a trailer we have been able to know the existence of the 4 vs 4 mode called “Catch’em”, which allows the player to capture the different Pokémon they defeat on the battlefield and use them in future matches. This, in addition to allowing us to play with Pokémon that we normally can’t, will give this title more variety, something that it really needed.

This game mode will be available from May 30both in the Nintendo Switch version and on mobile devices.

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