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Last year, Pokémon fans flocked to the fast food chain McDonald’sa exclusive trading cards to get from the Happy Meals. The campaign was so popular that after a short time some bars ran out of tickets. This year you can once again find trading cards in the Happy Meal. While for Germany it is currently only the message “Coming soon at Happy Meal” is already known that the campaign in Austria will start on August 25th and on the Swiss website a period between August 4th and September 14th is mentioned.

Overall it will 15 different maps give and these are reprints of cards that have already been published. In order to get all 15 cards, you have to be very hungry, because you only get one per Happy Meal a set of 4 cards. Also in Great Britain the action is already underway and according to the official home page this time, a Pokémon coin and another Pokémon-themed toy are also included in each Happy Meal. As soon as there is an exact date for the campaign in Germany, we will of course report about it.

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Will you also make a pilgrimage to McDonald’s to collect the new cards?

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