The next expansion to Pokémon Sword & Shield is due to be released on August 15th, and we’re introducing two of the cards included in advance.

With the expansion “Blazing Darkness” come over 185 new cards into the trading card game, including 14 Pokémon-V – one of which we are presenting here – and seven powerful Pokémon-VMAX. The focus is mainly on pocket monsters from the brand new Galar region, but classic Pokémon from previous generations also have a permanent place in this expansion.

The mixture of modern and classic is evident in ours Exclusive revelations, because when mentioning Mew will make every well-known fan in the series beat faster. The sweet and mysterious Pokémon from the first generation is included in its V-shape. We get a foretaste of the strength of the current Galar region with the ice and electric types Lecryodon, one of the territory’s four ancient fossil Pokémon.

Foto: The Pokémon Company


The mysterious forefather of all Pokémon is rumored to be able to learn attacks of all possible types, but in “Blazing Darkness” will fight with an attack of its own category: The Psycho-attack X-Ball becomes 30 points more damage, the more energy is bound to the two currently active Pokémon so that the opponent’s power can be used wisely against him.

Foto: The Pokémon Company


Lecryodon resembling a chimera even shocked his opponents from the bank, because for the use of its passive Biting Strudel Skill it doesn’t have to be activated. She punishes the opponent with two damage counters on the affected pocket monster for each energy card he attaches to one of his Pokémon. When activated, the electric Pokémon should not be underestimated, its electric ball is a solid attack with 70 damage points.