Pokémon: a new and impressive plane from the saga is about to take off


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Pokémon it continues to break it in virtually every entertainment industry and a few others. It is because of this that he keeps surprising us with different collaborations that are very popular with the community. A good example of this is one done with an airline to debut an Exeggutor themed plane.

Ready for your flight?
Ready for your flight?

If you want to travel to your next destination with the comforts that only Pokémon can offer you, you better take a look at this new plane that is sure to delight all fans of the franchise.

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On this occasion, it was the airline Solaseed Air that wanted to have its own aircraft Pokémonso it just announced a theme of Exeggutor, the pocket monster of the first generation.

Here you can see it:

As you could see, the airline has surprised fans with this transport that is preparing to take off, starting next March, towards the Miyazaki prefecture, in Japan.

It is worth mentioning that it was confirmed that the aircraft will have different fun activities during the flight, in addition to the fact that the seats and the stewardesses will be adorned with different accessories of the plant-type Pokémon, both in its normal version and in the Alola version.

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Lastly, it looks like this plane will only fly over Japan, so you’d better take it as soon as you happen to be lucky enough to visit Japan in the near future.

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What do you think of this airplane? Pokémon? Tell us in the comments.

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