Podemos only has Iglesias TV left: RTVE limits its appearance on the news to one minute

Podemos only has Iglesias TV left: RTVE limits its appearance on the news to one minute

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We can go on raging against RTVE after having relegated them to 1% in the news, according to the Information Coverage Plan for the municipal and regional elections of May 28 stipulated according to the instructions of the Central Electoral Board. A we can just Pablo Iglesias’ TV is now left with RTVE limiting his appearance on the news to one minute and leaving him without space in the debates in some regions of Spain.

Gone are the times in which not only Pablo Iglesias, but also the leaders of the formation household They were guests on the TVE sets, a vehicle along with the social networks through which they conveyed their communist argument to their followers. Currently, Iglesias has had to create his own space in the media, Canal Redwhich reaches viewers through DTT, in a television offer that can hardly compete with the big generalist televisions.

In the Spanish Radio and Television Coverage Plan for the campaign of the regional and municipal elections of May 28 is only reserved to We can and UI 1% of the informative blocks that will be included in the newscastssomewhat less than half of what was forecast for More Madrid and the fifth part of what will be given on citizensmuch smaller if it is compared with the space for the Popular Party and the Socialist Party, which correspond, however, with their percentage of voters.

A decision that has made Podemos rage against RTVE. «What a shame», has criticized Pablo Echenique, spokesman for the parliamentary group of United We Can in the Congress of Deputies, after the formation in the Canary Islands complained that it was left out of the debates. This position, as mentioned above, because they did not obtain enough votes to allow them to gain space in public television debates.

What a shame. https://t.co/LdcI37vPcH

— Pablo Echenique (@PabloEchenique) May 4, 2023

Podemos had already protested for being left out of the distribution of the free spaces for electoral propaganda that RTVE will broadcast in its national programming of TVE y National Radio. A decision in scrupulous compliance with the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG).

The general secretary of Podemos, Ione Herb, has asked this Thursday the interim president of RTVE, Elena Sánchez, to rectify the decision to exclude her formation from the free electoral propaganda spaces that RTVE broadcasts in all electoral processes. “We are very concerned about the exclusion that has been made of the Podemos coalition (…) from the electoral spots,” said the Minister of Social Rights precisely in an interview in the very TVE.

Immediately, the RTVE communicator reminded Ione Belarra that Radio Televisión Española “does not decide anything”, but rather “adjusts to the criteria set by the Central Electoral Board (JEC) based on the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime ( LOREG), in the hands of politicians.

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Next, they explained to him that his exclusion is due to the fact that they have presented themselves with many candidacies in the municipal elections, very compartmentalized and that the majority have not reached 50% of the population, and that this is one of the criteria that the JEC to give the times to the matches.

An argument that has not convinced the minister who has insisted that the Central Electoral Board has not taken any formal decision at this time and that the proposal has been made by RTVE “unilaterally” to the JEC, which will be the one that in will ultimately decide.

From RTVE they argue that, in accordance with the law, the distribution of times to which the public media are subjected is made based on the electoral results of the last municipal elections, those held in May 2019, and then the lists presented with the brands of Podemos and Izquierda Unida only achieved 1.08% of the votes.

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