Poco M4 G5 mobile phone price and specifications.. Good skin for middle income people

The new Poco company, which is officially affiliated with Xiaomi, comes with a new version of smartphones, let’s review it for you Price and specifications of the new Poco M4 G5 phoneespecially that it came at a reasonable price compared to the smart devices recently launched in the market, which do not suit or satisfy everyone’s budget.

Price and specifications of the new Poco M4 G5 phone

With a very powerful processor from the company, and a battery with a capacity of 5400 mAh, this new version of Xiaomi comes in addition to a number of other features that we will tell you about now. It is also equipped with one of the most accurate screen types, supports HD and 8K features, and is protected by a glass layer Special for screen protection, and this is part of the repairs and modifications that Xiaomi has recently made to its versions after many complaints about the ease of breaking screens from thousands of users around the world This version of Xiaomi is equipped with two primary cameras, the first 15 megapixels and the second 2 megapixels, and it also charges quickly and has a fingerprint reader on the side.

Poco M4 G5 price in Egypt

After checking the main specifications of the new phone, the price of the phone is about four thousand Egyptian pounds, which makes it a suitable and reasonable option for middle-income people, especially young people.

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