After the death of the radio journalist Javier Lopez Diaz the afternoon of November 23 and after his family made the decision not to make a public farewell to the communicator, the company Five Radio placed a tent in its facilities within which was placed a photograph of “The King of Rating” along with a table and a notebook.

And it is that after the unfortunate news began to circulate, dozens of listeners they began to meet at the broadcaster, with flowers as a symbol of tribute to “Graduate”, It was at night that the communications company decided to install this space right at the entrance of its building, in front of the monumental letters of “Five Radio”.

In place since listeners on foot, even companies that were sympathetic to the iconic Puebla character arrived with flower arrangements of all sizes and types, candles and even more than one left a dedication in the notebook placed on the site.

But the displays of affection were not limited to this, because in the various stations of the company that presides Coral Castillo de Cañedo, since the morning they have put on the air audio messages that have sent the listeners after this event that marked the history of Puebla.

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As he did over the years himself Javier Lopez Diaz, the morning of November 24, 2021 began with the melody “The mountain”, interpreted by Roberto Carlos, after which without any musical background his running mate Alejandro Hernández Limón He said “Good morning, it is 5:30 in the morning sharp and today we are in mourning” to give way to the curtain of the program.

For her part, the journalist and also a space companion from Lopez Diaz, Nayeli Aguilar Rodriguez, she said grateful for what she learned next to “Graduate”, in addition to remembering him as a friend and a great person.

Subsequently, Hernandez Limon He said that from today there is a space on the radio, which will never be covered, he said that Javier taught them with passion to do their work and even recalled that even at dawn he answered their messages to everyone, besides that he was someone detached from what material to help others.

In the same space the lady Guadalupe Montalban, wife of the communicator, thanked him for the samples of support and encouragement, but mainly for the years that accompanied him on the air and even thanked him for “having made him what he is today”, said that he was a great person, the same one that everyone remembers with love .

Finally, he stated that the express request of Javier Lopez Diaz When they approached the subject of death during family talks, it was that a lavish farewell was not carried out, as he was a simple person, so the decision was made that he would only be fired by those closest to him.

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