The representative of the New Progressive Party (PNP) Nelson del Valle Colón, confirmed that the agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, in English) who raided his residence in Toa Alta this morning took his cell phone.

“Only my cell phone, mine, neither my wife’s nor anything, mine,” he said when approached when he left his home after the search. He also confirmed that officers came with a search warrant.

A source from El Nuevo Día indicated that the visit has to do with the investigation into ghost employees in the House of Representatives that, as reported by this medium, is related to alleged schemes of employees or contractors who charge for hours they did not work, as well as alleged acts of corruption, in which an official receives a commission for his own benefit.

Questioned about the mobilization of the agents, the FBI spokeswoman in Puerto Rico, Limary Cruz Rubio, said that she could not “confirm or deny” the information.

“Our agents are today conducting investigative activity in a residence in Toa Alta. As you know, our policy is not to confirm or deny the existence of investigations, so we have no comments ”Cruz Rubio stated in written statements.

Two weeks ago, FBI agents also raided the residence of the PNP representative Maria Milagros Charbonier, located in Río Grande, to occupy her and her husband’s cell phones, Orlando Montes, as well as two tablets.

After that raid, the president of the House of Representatives, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez, confirmed that the FBI has investigated multiple times about information related to the staff of some legislative offices.

Del Valle Colón is a legislator for District 9, which includes the municipalities of Bayamón and Toa Alta, and he first came to the House after the 2004 elections. He returned to this legislative body in 2016 and currently chairs the Committee on Small and Medium Business and Commerce. It also belongs to the commissions of Municipal Affairs, Cooperativism, Transportation and Infrastructure, Recreation and Sports and Housing.

According to the representative’s Facebook page, he remains active in campaigning for his reelection. For example, two days ago he received the pre-candidate for governor from the PNP, Pedro Pierluisi, on his committee in the Santa Olaya neighborhood, in Bayamón.

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