Plenary session of the JCE has the termination of 22 servers for “serious misconduct”

The plenary session of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) ordered the cancellation of 22 of its servers for the commission of serious offenses that represent violations of the ethical and disciplinary regime of the institution.

Of these 22 dismissals, seven occurred in the Civil Registry Office of the 4th. District of Santo Domingo Este. Also, there are 3 Civil Status officers in the dependencies of Baní (2nd. Circumscription), San Ignacio de Sabaneta and Santo Domingo Este (4th. Circumscription).

The information was given through a press document that does not specify what were those serious offenses committed by public servants.

“These personnel actions are part of the plan that the Plenary of the JCE has to reorganize each of its dependencies and turn the institution into a benchmark of transparency for the Dominican Republic and, in this way, strengthen the democratic institutionality of the country” , reads the press document.

In attention to the actions of personnel that are part of the plan that the #PlenoJCE to reorganize its dependencies and make the institution a benchmark for #transparency for the #Dominican Republic and strengthen the democratic institutionality of the country.

– JCE (@juntacentral) May 12, 2021