PlayStation would have laid off more than 90 employees in sales and marketing positions

According to Axios, changes in Sony’s business operations would have led to cutbacks in these departments.

A little less than a month ago, Sony celebrated a record year, thanks to games, subscriptions and a PS5 that managed to exceed more than 17 million units sold. The video games and services division had generated 24,870 million dollars in revenue, 8.9% more than the previous year, however, the company would have lost more than 90 jobs at their offices in the United States.

It has been Axios who has shared this information after speaking with one of the affected workers, having access to the documents related to these cuts. As Stephen Totilo points out, the company I would be killing his sales team in the United States, including PlayStation representatives, who often used to visit the Retail stores.

PlayStation would have laid off more than 90 employees in sales and marketing positions

The cuts would also be affecting jobs in retail marketing. Axios has noted that they have not received a response from Sony, although these changes would follow a transformation in the company’s sales and business operations. These movements within the company point to a commitment to direct consumer marketingwith less emphasis on the physical sale of games in retail stores.

This transformation would follow the consumer trend towards digital sales, in a market that already has 90% of games distributed exclusively in digital format. In the services market, PlayStation is also reinforcing its direct offer with the consumer through its new subscription service, PS Plus Extra and Premium.

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