Game news Playstation says it is frustrated not to reach a wider audience: towards new media?


It was during a recent interview that Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, questioned the model of the Playstation consoles.

Towards the end of Playstation exclusives? This is what seems to imply Jim Ryan during an interview with the site SIE CEO says he is “frustrated” at not being able to reach a wider audience, like the cinema and music industries, and seems to want to offer its productions launches in more media:

I would love to see a world where tens of millions of people can enjoy the games we make at PlayStation. And maybe even hundreds of millions of people. With the current console business model, around 10-20 million people can play a very big PlayStation hit. It would be a question of putting games at the level of music. To bring them to the level of the films. Almost unlimited audiences can enjoy music and movies. And I think the art produced by our studios is some of the best in entertainment around the world. And to somehow restrict access to this wonderful art and entertainment created by our studios frustrates me. I would love to see a world where hundreds of millions of people can enjoy these games.

With the recent and upcoming arrival of games from the Sony catalog like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone or Uncharted on PC and the alleged ports of Ghost of Tsushima or God of War as well as PC players’ access to PS Now, the Japanese firm seems determined to offer its video game experiences to as many players as possible. A desire eminently manifested in view of Jim Ryan’s statement, which nevertheless remains common to the various marketing policies of the giants of the video game industry: Microsoft in mind and a formula that works very well for the moment with its Game Pass and its streaming service. For Sony, will this desire only take the form of PC ports? We know the control that the company likes to exercise over its productions, it remains to be seen how it will decide to export to new media.

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