PlayStation Plus – The “free” games of May 2022

A plus that may not convince everyone.

After the presentations, the PlayStation Plus new version (and which will therefore merge with PlayStation Now – who will also lose about sixty games) finally announced its release. For Europe, Sony’s new subscription offer, claiming a catalog of more than 700 games, will be released on June 22, just in time to try to convince during the summer, a period conducive to gaming.

In the meantime, the PS Plus – soon to be an old version – continues on its way with a month of May that is not lacking in charms. Finally, that is always according to everyone’s taste, because the games “offered” on PS4 et PS5 could be divisive vis-à-vis the reactions.

Moreover, the first title will be a perfect example since it will be FIFA 22, a title that by its nature can only divide. But in the event that football is a popular sport, having the opportunity to try out the virtual round ball in the company of the current reference can only make PSG supporters smile, like Kylian Mbappé… provided that he doesn’t decide to wear a meringue jersey next year…

Also based on teamwork, it is then a still and always appreciated universe which will be invited in Sony’s offer: that of Nordic mythology. So in Tribes of Midgard, in the company of other vikings (up to 10), it will be a question of repelling Ragnarök as long as possible in an action-RPG with procedural generation. Finally when we talk about postponing Ragnarök, we are talking about postponing the end of the world, not about postponing the release of God of War Ragnarök

Finally, to finish, it’s a last rather nice game, but far from being for the nerves, which will be invited on the PlayStation Plus: Curse of the Dead Gods. Because far from being docile, the title of Passtech Games remains a roguelike which shows itself very quickly without pity. Nonetheless, anyone who sticks with its demanding combat system, darkness management mechanics, and steep progression will have a thoroughly enjoyable time. So give it a try…

There you go, you know everything about the free games of the PS Plus of May.



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