PlayStation 6 would already be in development and these would be its first details


It is important to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

PlayStation is one of the most important brands in the video game industry, and therefore its consoles are usually among the best-selling in each generation (although not always the best), but it seems that in this generation, due to factors unrelated to the company, it could be completely impossible for this to be fulfilled.

The semiconductor crisis that we have been experiencing since 2020 has affected many industries, including video games. This has made many companies have trouble meeting the demand for their products, and among these are the three big companies in the industry: PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. This has meant that both PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and to a lesser extent Nintendo Switch, are difficult to obtain due to high demand and low supply.

Because of this, since it seems that this crisis may last longer than expected, it is natural that these companies are thinking of ways to meet this demand. What we all thought at first was the possible announcement of a revision of these consoles, which would have a chip that would be easier to manufacture in these circumstances, and therefore would allow them to cover this wide demand, but it seems that we can be close to the new generation of consoles, this despite the fact that we have only been with the current one for 2 years.

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Job offers always give us the keys

Specifically, this information that you can (and we emphasize the “can”) give indicates the development of an alleged PlayStation 5 has been removed from a job offer on LinkedIn.

In this same offer there is talk that the right person would join the work team that brought us the chips of the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It is also said that the project in which would be involved is the development of new generation chipsalthough, of course, it is not specified for which devices exactly.

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First of all, yes this may imply that we are at the beginning of the development of the new generation consoles, but we must also take into account that this process is very long, so I would not expect to see any of this until within several years. Even so, it is still a bit rushed to start this process now, so would wait until we get some more concrete information to get excited.

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