It seems that today everything is controversial. For each work made public, its creator must be careful not to leave any detail to chance, nothing likely to shock or offend anyone. The video game industry is obviously no exception and therefore sometimes tends to be watered down, smoothed out, or even to self-censor. This time, it’s Blizzard’s turn to back down following a new controversy.

When studios self-censor

Censoring a work is an act that many artists regret, but do despite everything, for fear of receiving the wrath of an informed public.. If the said audience probably has very good intentions and surely wants to avoid the publication of any offensive content, it is however legitimate to wonder if this does not sometimes go too far.

So ask Rockstar Games, which recently released a remastered version of three PS2 classics, under the extended name of Grand Theft Auto : The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. The studio, however known for its multiple social satires through dialogues filled with irony and deliberately caricatured characters, has visibly imposed a certain degree of censorship on itself.

Indeed, seasoned franchise fans have noticed the disappearance of the Confederate flag on the t-shirt of one of the characters from GTA. We imagine that the studio was afraid that it would be perceived as an apology for racism, while the goal is on the contrary to denounce its stupidity. In short, we talk about it in more detail here.

New proof that anything, no matter how small, can be controversial. Also, it was not long before some players from World of Warcraft notice a detail in the content of the next update of the game.

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Blizzard: the apology for the Ku Kux Klan?

Cult game among cults, World of Warcraft is the most popular MMO on the market. Proof of this is that it continues to be regularly updated by Blizzard 17 years after its initial release. Recently, one cannot say that the studio is in the odor of sanctity with the general public, while the accusations of harassment (among others) multiply.

His image does not seem ready to improve, whilea new controversy quickly dawned on the announcement of patch 9.2 scheduled for soon on WoW. Stalkers, homophobes.. The little guys at Blizzard are now accused of being racist by some players, after they unveiled the new set for the Warlock class. One specific element of the new outfit thus attracted particular attention: his helmet.

Seen from behind, and once it has been pointed out to you, it is true that the shape of it can make one think of the hoods of the infamous Ku Kux Klan, a secret society of white supremacists founded in the 19th century in the United States. Especially since the critics were quick to rain, pushing Blizzard to react quickly.

The studio therefore recognized an error internally and announced that it was working on a graphics fix that should be uploaded quickly. A quick reaction that should prevent him from finding himself at the heart of a new controversy.

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