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He Watford could not save the category and confirmed his descent in the Premier League after fall to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, accompanying the Championship (second division) to Bournemouth and at Norwich City.

Precisely in that team the forward plays Troy Deeney, who is remembered for an old rivalry with the Mexican Raúl Jiménez, To who called ‘loser’, after the Hornets threw the Wolverhampton from FA Cup last season.

It is worth remembering that the Wolves were playing the pass to the final of the tournament and started winning the match played in Wembley with a goal from Tepeji Wolf, who celebrated wearing a mask of Faceless, fact that unleashed the fury of the English player, so he did not hesitate to criticize Raúl at the end of the duel.

I’m glad he put on the mask, I could use it right now too, because now he’s a loser. So, enjoy the mask, we got the victory. At that moment, I didn’t see the celebration; better because I would have lost my mind. You can’t do that celebration if you don’t know you have the sure victory, “he said.