Playable version of 2001 Duke Nukem Forever revealed!

Recently, surprisingly, a 10 year older and playable version of Duke Nukem Forever from 2001 appeared on the Internet. Since then, the videos, which are just bursting with interesting content, have been falling over themselves. The makers also have their say.

To understand why this leak of this original version is so special, you have to go far. A chronology of the development of follows Duke Nukem Forever:

The original Duke Nukem 3D

Even if there weren’t many titles in the series, unfortunately Duke Nukem managed to be among the most popular video game franchises. The first two titles in the series were still simple side scrollers. With the third part in 1996 everything changed: Duke Nukem 3D was way ahead of its time. while in Doom one level was like the other, you were in Duke Nukem 3D in optically varied, non-linear levels, for example on the streets of Los Angeles. So you could get lost in a movie theater or strip club via the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The choice of weapons was also very special: in addition to pipe bombs, there was a shrinker to shrink and crush the opponent, as well as a freezer to freeze them. Furthermore, one could deceive the opponents with a hologram. Duke Nukem could even use a jetpack to fly on his missions.

Duke Nukem 3D World Tour – ©2K Games, ©Take Two Interactive, ©Gearbox Publishing, ©3D Realms; Bildquelle:

While watching the world of Duke Nukem So if you had to free yourself from the alien invasion in a creative way, you could also interact with the environment interactively. Among other things, it was possible to play billiards or even use a toilet. In addition, the hero got a unique dubbing voice from Jon St. John. Its cult one-liners are peppered with deep black humor and references from countless cult films.

Even if all that would be enough for a cult game, puts it Duke Nukem 3D even with the soundtrack on it. So the title rocked over a unique heavy metal soundtrack, of which the title track was even composed by the thrash metal legends Megadeth has been covered. So you can tell that the title came along with a creativity more than 25 years ago, with which one has rarely been entertained in a video game until today.

Duke Nukem “Fornever”

Fortunately, a few successful offshoots followed at that time Duke Nukem Franchise. However, the burden of such a successful, cult video game was so great that the then already announced successor to Duke Nukem 3D has done a lot. The first release date of Duke Nukem Forever was already mentioned for Christmas 1998. One might also be in the schedule of in the Quake II Engine programmed track. After all, in May 1998 the E3 The first trailer was released, the gameplay of which was considered very impressive for the time.

However, at that time the video game industry rolled over with constantly new ones Enginesso that one feared that Duke Nukem Forever could look old quickly. That’s why we decided on the Unreal Enginge to change, which led to a new beginning in the development. In 1999 the next change to a newer one followed Unreal Engine from which also the famous gameplay trailers from 2001 came from. From then on, not much followed: 2003 a similar trailer, 2007 a teaser trailer without gameplay. It wasn’t until 2009 that a trailer came showing the game, which later actually came out: Duke Nukem Forever (2011).

Duke Nukem Forever (2011)

Responsible for the publication was the sales of the brand Duke Nukem to the developer Gearboxas well as its acquisition of many Duke Nukem Forever Developer. The actual owner and developer 3D Realms had to, due to the devoured development costs, as well as a lawsuit from the publisher Take-Two Interactive for failure of delivery of the game, unbrand it. The acquired developers then had the task of completing a complete game as quickly as possible.

Duke Nukem Forever ©2K Games, ©Gearbox Software, LLC and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Duke Nukem Forever ©2K Games, ©Gearbox Software, LLC and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

So, after 14 years of development, a game finally came onto the market (a sad record, which is also recorded as such in the Guinness Book of Records being held). Unfortunately, the released title didn’t have much in common with the trailers from back then, but at least it was officially a Duke Nukem Forever. Nevertheless, the disappointment of the result was great for many fans. Even if the title wasn’t as bad as it’s always talked about, you can at least notice the short development time at the end of the title.

Duke Nukem Forever (2001)

But now something has happened that many no longer thought possible: an unfinished but playable version of Duke Nukem Foreveras seen in the 2001 trailer, is on 4Chan uploaded by an unknown person. All the scenes from the trailer at the time can actually be played in it. In general, the approach and presentation of a video game from back then is remarkable:

The creators of Duke Nukem have their say

As soon as the content was leaked, it Scott Millerthe creator of Duke Nukem and 3D Realmsthen with a statement about the development history of Duke Nukem Forever reported.

Also the other co-creator George Broussard then reported via Twitter to word. Both have also confirmed the authenticity of the contents of the leaks:

Are these supposed to be test levels?

Aside from both appearing to be at odds over losing the mark, both promise a major disappointment for players in the leak. Since it is not a finished game, but only several “test levels” with little content. However, you can still find good action and spacious levels with realistically sized buildings. A circumstance that is significant for the time:

Even if not everything in it seems completely finished or running smoothly, the content knows how to inspire, such as the countless videos uploaded every day Youtube prove. One recognizes in Duke Nukem Forever (2001) clearly the signature of the makers of Duke Nukem 3D. Therefore, even the unfinished game can provide hours of entertainment. It is hard to imagine what would have become of it if this work of art had been completed.

What can be done with the source code

The leak contains not only playable levels, but also the complete source code. Anyone who knows the work and toil of many fans knows that they can do all sorts of things with a source code. That means it’s only a matter of time before we get one or two completed by fans Duke Nukem Forever (2001) could play and experience.

We are excited to see what will develop from the leak and the source code.

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