The Dutch feature film Lice Mother- The Movie has been seen in cinemas by 400,000 people. Leading actor Ilse Warringa therefore has in the talk show HLF8 received the Platinum Film Award from presenter Johnny de Mol.

The film by director Jan-Albert de Weerd and Ilse Warringa premiered on July 28. Warringa, creator of the hit TV series The Lice Mother, made her directorial debut.

The film’s story picks up where the series ended. Teacher Ank (Ilse Warringa) and her colleagues try to get primary school De Klimop back on track after the departure of director Anton. There are too few teachers and the parents are more demanding than before. The corona situation adds to that. With a big theme party in front of the door, all subcutaneous tensions come to the fore.

Second Platinum film

Lice Mother- The Movie is the second Dutch film to attract 400,000 visitors since the start of the corona crisis. Last month received feature film Battle of the Scheldt also a Platinum Award from director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

Before that was the last film that went over the limit of 400,000 visitors The legs of Saint Hildegard in March 2020, just before the first lockdown.

The award is given by the Netherlands Film Festival, the Netherlands Film Fund and the Abraham Tuschinski Fund. There are also awards for 100,000 visitors (gold) and one million (diamond). Mother Lice – The Movie can still be seen in 136 cinemas.

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