Planes analyzes the market: “The idea was to oxygenate the team and maintain the base”

Planes analyzes the market: “The idea was to oxygenate the team and maintain the base”


UOnce the transfer market is closed and only waiting for what may happen with Luiz Felipe and the Al-Ittihadan operation that, if carried out, would leave an important economic return although it would foreseeably force it to go to the free exchange market to cover its loss, Ramon Planessports director of Betishas carried out in the club’s official media an assessment of the numerous operations for the purchase, sale and transfer of footballers carried out by the Verdiblancos in the last two months.

Sport Market balance and the start of the League

“Satisfied, happy. We’re off to the break with seven points after a start to the season that was difficult a priori. Happy because the market ended on Friday, which has been very intense, with many movements. With the feeling of having done a good job I can only give a message of optimism and happiness”.

Sport The praise of the báticos to his work

“I am happy because Betis is a very big club. From the outside, and I have been a professional for many years, 23-24 years as a sports director, I had always seen Betis as a huge institution and when you are inside you realize that it is more bigger than you imagined. And there is a great feeling that the fans have towards the club. They show it to me when they see me on the street. I am very happy for the support I feel and obviously for me it is a pride and a responsibility to be part of this club in this role and we will try not to let people down.”

Silently we had worked on the signing of Abde for weeks in case there was a possibility that he would come out

Ramn Planes, sports director of Betis

Sport The tension in the last hours of the market

“Difficult hours. I already have many battles and many final minutes. I have experienced similar situations, it is when one should be more calm. Friday was a very, very intense day. But the march is going well for me, I enjoy my work very much and that Adrenaline is what fuels this profession. We had the intention of giving the market a positive finishing touch. We had worked on the option of signing Abde very quietly for many weeks. Talking with him, trying to find out if there was any possibility that he would come out The first option for Barcelona was Betis. It is the work of a good sports management team. I congratulate all the members of the sports management team because you are the face and get the compliments but behind me there are people like Manu Fajardo, whose work has been Spectacular, and all the members: María, Juan, Álvaro Ladrón, Álvaro Arranz, Caas… They are people who feel very much for the club and are available and it is a strength that this club has not only in the sports area but also in the other areas that make a difference”.

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Sport The complications of the signing

“There was a moment when I saw him lost, at 5:00-6:00 p.m. he was complicated by the demands of Barcelona. In football, which is a world that has turned into a leisure industry and in which it seems that everything is business, in the Betis I have found feeling. I believe a lot in the human aspect. Not everything is worth it. There are players like Abde, Marc Roca, Bellern, Ayoze… The majority that have joined have come because there was a commitment. With Isco the decision to sign him It was a simple telephone conversation. We were in England and after speaking with him you realize that he wants to come and is excited to come. He had other offers. The same thing happened with Abde. He has had an extraordinary season and many suitors but we had the ability to seduce him. It’s easy with the Betis brand because it seduces anyone. There were certain Spanish teams that fought when Barcelona opened the door, the Premier League too. It was done thanks to the involvement of the president, Ángel (Haro), of José Miguel (Lpez Cataln), endorsing the signing because it was essential. The sum of all has made it possible for us to enjoy Abde here”.

Sport What assessment do you make of the final squad?

“Those who know me and people in these months already have the opportunity to live with me every day know that I am self-demanding, I am hyperactive. It doesn’t seem like it because I am calm, but it goes inside and that hyperactivity goes a lot with my work, I like what I do. He always asks me for more. I am happy and content, we have made a good market with many movements, we had the idea of ​​oxygenating and giving entry to new people with a fantastic base that already existed, as seen in the results of these seasons, but you always want to get an A. We’ve gotten a high grade but the demand at a high level makes you always want to aspire to something more”.

Sport The challenge of signing… and keeping the block

“It was another of the objectives, and it was not easy. I always say that when you receive offers and you are uncomfortable or restless because any team can come looking for players, there is a positive side: they are good and have performed well. The team has been here for three years. good. One of our objectives was to give oxygen to the team but also to keep the important players, the base. It has not been easy. The market has sometimes put us in complex situations. All the players who are here today are committed and have wanted to stay here and that’s what’s important”.

Txiki Begiristain told me ‘Manuel Pellegini, he is a gentleman, very easy on a day-to-day basis, a club professional’, and he nailed it.

Ramn Planes, sports director of Betis

Sport The irruption of Arab football in the market

“As with everything in life, it has its good side and its bad side. The good thing is that it injects economically into the industry so that money can move. We live on income. It is a new market that has opened up. It is not going to To be in the short term, it is my feeling and information. We must adapt and understand it. One more competitor and a source of income for clubs such as the Premier or at the time it was China, which disappeared. But it is true that we must be prepared and understand that it exists. We have been involved in those threats but we must always be prepared and strong.”

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Sport El da a da with Pellegrini

“Very well, the truth is that it’s fantastic. I have a mutual friend because after so many years in football this world is very small. And I remember that when I had the chance, the call from Betis, you find out about everything, and Txiki Begiristain told me “Manuel is a gentleman, a gentleman, a very easy person on a day-to-day basis, a club professional”, he was at Manchester City where they won a Premier League, and once when I have spoken with Txiki, “you nailed it”, in their respect for my work and understanding the current moment of Betis”.

Sport How far would you like to take Betis?

“I have already said that I am quite demanding with myself. The club is in a very good moment, where it has been doing things very well for many years, the facts support it, what comes ahead with the new stadium, with the Sports City “The future of Betis is very positive. I am proud to be here representing this institution as sports director and I would like to contribute all my experience, all my values ​​as a person and my experience to build very good squads, I said it in my presentation “I don’t believe in leading sports directors, we have to work in the shadows. The market puts you in the showcase and I don’t avoid that situation, but teamwork is essential, and that of the entire Sports Management is what really makes me feel comfortable. I would like that when people talk about Betis, in the sporting aspect, which we football people do a lot, say ‘there they are doing things very well’. I will contribute my experience and my values”.

Sport The illusion of the Europa League

“Yes, obviously Europe is a stage that gives you a lot of visibility. Doing things well in Europe… But Betis has already been doing it, making great games and beating great rivals. We would like to go one step further, but I also think that Manuel is a demanding person, he endorses where he has been and what he has achieved, and this is what he tries to convey with his words within the reality of the club, that everything costs a lot, it is all very difficult. You have to have a lot of respect for opponents, but I don’t think we have to give up anything, neither in Europe, nor in LaLiga, nor in the Copa del Rey. We have to be ambitious in everything and then the same competition will mark us because football is very demanding and any rival , the one you least expect, can give you a scare”.

We must not give up anything, neither in Europe, nor in LaLiga, nor in the Cup, we have to be ambitious

Ramn Planes, sports director of Betis

Sport Seven points out of 12 to start

“Everyone was talking about this start, that the calendar in LaLiga was very demanding. We were quite psyched up, it’s true, the preseason that has been done has been physically demanding, demanding at the level of all the work that has been done. I have been present at all the concentrations and training sessions and I realized that the level of demand was high, perhaps thinking about everything that was coming our way. I think it is good to start off well, but this has just started and logically, my goodness remains… “There is a lot left. But it is better to start like this.”

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Sport Are you happy in Seville?

“Yes, of course, of course. I’m happy because although I don’t do too much of a social life, I really like contact with people, the club… I like the human level of the people in the club, I’ve been in many clubs and some they are more complex. Everyone here feels a lot about each act that is done, each victory, each moment that is lived and that is something nice. I am going to tell an anecdote: I received many messages at the end of the market, my phone was dead, and I was very excited about the message from one of the first team kit men because they are people who you see how happy they are with each victory, with each effort we make, and that they value it makes you realize that you also have to value the work you do. they do. And I notice that in this club and in this city, therefore, although I know that not so good moments will come, for sure, because that’s the way football is, it’s better to be accompanied by this type of people”.

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