12:00 PM

Sunday 26 July 2020


A number of experts have expressed concern that the belief that a vaccine or treatment for the Coronavirus will be a miracle is coming to life.

Experts stressed that this belief amid a severe outbreak of the virus may kill hundreds of people every day, and called for the necessity of developing alternative plans in the event of not obtaining a vaccine, according to the UAE “statement”.

“I think we should definitely have a backup plan. It is something that has not been talked about enough,” said Carl Bergstrom, a biologist at Washington University. “Even in the best case scenario, we may be six months or more away from widespread vaccination.” This may not happen, which may require policymakers and the public to make long-term plans, “he said, adding that plan” B “is not yet clear or known.

Ken Frazier, chief executive of the drug giant Merck, has warned that anyone initiating medical progress before 2021 is “risking people’s lives” given the inherent challenges in developing and managing the vaccine.

“I think that when we tell people that the vaccine will be available soon, we allow indirectly to reduce precautionary measures such as social divergence, and wearing masks,” Fraser said in an interview with Harvard Business School professor Tidal Nellie.

Plan b

Even if the vaccine succeeds in safety and efficacy trials, there is a possibility that governments will struggle to distribute it quickly, and some countries buy hundreds of millions of doses for their citizens.

Tobre Spiro, vice president of health policy at the Center for American Progress, believes that even if a vaccine is obtained, there are other problems that governments may face, such as not having enough glass bottles to populate the vaccine and convincing people that the vaccine is safe.

“You’ve spent twelve years as an investor in biotechnology companies. When you are close to Earth developing new therapies, you are fully aware of how often they fail, and how often you will try again they look promising in the stages,” said Avic Roy, president of the Conservative Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunities. Early. “

According to Roy, accepting the possibility of no vaccine as a regulatory principle could add more urgency to installing protective measures such as deploying temperature scanners, protecting vulnerable populations such as the elderly, and submitting plans to reopen schools safely.

As for the alternative plan or plan “B”, experts believe that it should include doubling the current efforts to confront the virus, such as providing tests to detect cases before the number gets out of control, and employing and training more contact trackers, and possibly using applications to help track the spread of the virus .

Their suggestions also include the necessity of finding effective therapies that speed up healing and increase survival, and Andy Slavett, a former US health official, has called for the production of high-quality N95 masks for general use today, rather than the more common cotton masks.