LASK is simply not coming to rest these days. After the incidents involving Jürgen Werner and Dominik Thalhammer’s release on Monday (more on this >>>), the next drama is looming in the LASK management team.

More precisely, it is about allegations of plagiarism against LASK President Siegmund Gruber. “Plagiarism hunter” Stefan Weber recognizes “substantial text plagiarism” in Gruber’s dissertation.

The work, which was co-authored with a co-author at the JKU Linz in 2005, thus contains “serious violations of the rules of good scientific practice”, writes Weber in his report dated September 7th, which was submitted to the APA. In Weber’s opinion, “the annulment of the assessment of the dissertation and the revocation of the doctoral title are indicated”.

Gruber submitted the 380-page dissertation on the subject of “Requirements and institutionalization of socio-economic cooperation for the prevention of money laundering” with a co-author who is also a functionary in Austrian football. According to Weber, both can be attributed to plagiarism fragments.

Gruber: “Written to the best of my knowledge and belief”

According to Weber’s analysis, 79 plagiarism fragments were found on 77 pages of the work. The proportion on which plagiarism can be found is “over 25 percent” of the entire work. The fact that it is a “plagiarism with legal consequences” is “due to the massive text adoption in the part of the presentation of the empirical research”, as Weber writes. He forwarded the report to the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) on Monday.

Gruber informed the APA in a written statement: “I wrote my dissertation over 15 years ago to the best of my knowledge and belief. I will not comment on the content of a private law report that does not even name a client. that the university will examine this and, if necessary, come to me. “

In the sporting area, the table penultimate split from coach Dominik Thalhammer on Monday, and there have also been several “low blows” off the pitch in the past year and a half: the point deduction for prohibited corona training, the league proceedings against Vice President Jürgen Werner, who withdrew , as well as the quarrels about the new stadium, which led to quarrels and withdrawals within the club.

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