A Judiciary Police, through Board of Directors of the South, identified and detained a man, a foreigner, on whom strong suspicions of the crime of drug trafficking fall.

The arrest of the suspect, informs the PJ in a statement, occurred in the context of a traffic inspectionrequirement effected to a heavy goods vehicle, with foreign registration, when traveling on the A22 bound for Spain.

The heavy vehicle in question was signaled behindrequirement in the Algarve in recent weeks.

The police intervention counted on the collaboration of the Brigade de Trârequirement gives GNR Albufeira and took place around 7 pm on the 23rd of July, Thursday, on the A22, in the Monte Gordo area.

According to the PJ, in the course of this inspection, detected a non-conformity between the measurement of the exterior and interior length of the vehicle’s cargo galley. It was, after all, a false compartment where bales of seized hashish were hidden.

Gives action police, resulted in the seizure of 81 bales of hashish in a total weight of 2,835 kg, the heavy vehicle and the transport gang.

The 32-year-old detainee was present at the first judicial interrogation of an accused detained before the competent Judicial Authority in Faro, with a preventive detention coercive measure applied to him. The investigation is being carried out by the Judiciary Police, under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor of Faro.

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