Pixel 8 Pro has a new sensor on the camera: LiDAR is rather unlikely, isn't it?

Pixel 8 Pro has a new sensor on the camera: LiDAR is rather unlikely, isn't it?


Thanks to the internal data, the look of the Pixel 8 Pro could already be captured in pictures, but all the technical data is far from available. In particular, a new circular cutout in the camera bar raises questions. What new sensor is Google installing here?

Again and again one could read about LiDAR, a laser technology from the Pro models of the iPhones and optically similar integrated there. But there are historical reasons why LiDAR might not be found in a Pixel phone first.

The new sensor is also clearly visible in the image below, a round black cutout in the camera bar directly below the flash LED.

Image: OnLeaks

LiDAR takes smartphone AR to a new level

Google is not especially the manufacturer who first relies on new technology. Here it is always the turn of the numerous Chinese manufacturers. For this reason alone, it is rather unlikely that Google of all people will be the first Android OEM to install LiDAR in its smartphones.

On the other hand, Google could have reconsidered its own approach in recent years. You have to keep up with the current hype, accept the sharp increase in popularity of pixel cell phones and convince the new models with cool features. There are arguments for and against LiDARD in the Pixel 8 Pro.

Data sheet: This is in the Google Pixel 8 (Pro)

This is what we know so far about the key technical data:

  • Pixel 8 mit 6,2″ Display
    Pixel 8 Pro mit 6,7″ Display
  • Google Tensor G3 Chipset, 4 nm
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
  • New camera sensor with more HDR capabilities
  • UWB (Pixel 8 Pro)
  • Android 14 ab Working
  • Maße des Pixel 8: 150,5 x 70,8 x 8,9 mm
    Pixel 8 Pro dimensions: 162.6 × 76.5 × 8.7 mm
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Image: OnLeaks

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