Another unfortunate event of violence related to footballl. Because this Wednesday night there was a confrontation between barrabravas from Gymnastics and Students in El Bosque, where they were attacked with blows, runs, stones and shots. There were injuries and detainees. The reason? Apparently arbitrary graffiti that angered rival fans.

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What happened?

Everything happened in the Paseo del Bosque, an iconic park in La Plata that surrounds both fields and therefore, a zone of conflict between these partialities. This time, what triggered the confrontation were painted: first, rojiblancas in a small square where there was already a triple presence; and in response, blue brushstrokes on trees at 1 and 53 (meters from ONE). What aroused the anger of the sides and the fight broke out.

Consequently, the bullfights and the confrontation began, which could be observed and captured by several people who were in the surroundings. Shots were also heard, so the police quickly came with six patrol cars and SAME. 14 people were detained by the security forces and at least one seriously injured had to be transferred by ambulance after lying on the ground unconsciously.

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The public: in the crosshairs

The violent act happened hours after the authorities will announce the return of the fans to the fields (to see the National Team at the Monumental), which is of concern to extend the measure to the local tournament, not only for health security with respect to Covid-19 but also for the physical integrity of the spectators, in danger with these sad types of episodes.

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