Piraux is already building the Charleroi from 2023-2024

Piraux is already building the Charleroi from 2023-2024

The biggest information confirmed by the coach of the Dauphines of Charleroi, Dimitri Piraux, and by the president Jean-Pierre Murari, is the stop of the very talented libero Diana Castano. The young woman will, according to the president, find another role within the club. The collaboration between the two parties cannot stop there, as the agreement is so good.

On the side of continuity, it is said that if, and only if, Charleroi finishes in the top 4 and secures a European place, several players would be on the verge of continuing the Charleroi adventure. Coach Dimitri Piraux has confirmed some rumors while taking a distance, as no contract has yet been signed: “It is true that Jutta Van de Vyver, Lise De Valkeneer, Oriane Moulin and Camille Hannaert should – if all goes well – continue the adventure with us. But as long as nothing is concrete, we are not making an official announcement. All that is certain is that our libero will stop competing in the Ladies League. I would also add that we are going to work with more young people. We are going to have young people play in N3 and at the same time integrate them into the core of the Ladies League. This is one of the objectives of the club. On the side of Monika Chrtianska, it is also said that the Dauphines staff would like to keep her… Wait and see

The last home game of the second round will take place this Saturday against Oudegem. The T1 explains that the girls will be keen to wash their “honour”: “We took a huge slap in the first leg. The players will most certainly have the spirit of revenge. We all hope to see a team a little less ‘nice’ than against Ghent. With more aggressiveness, we will most certainly attend a very nice volleyball match!”

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