Pippo Inzaghi one step away: yes on the floor at Brescia

Well yes: Pippo Inzaghi promised bridegroom of Brescia for 2021-2022. The clues we had gathered for the starter yesterday that “Cellino is increasingly on Inzaghi” yesterday have become something more. To the point of being able to say that the reserves are dissolved and that Brescia he made his choice: Pippo Inzaghi. And vice versa, especially at this point, Pippo Inzaghi chose Brescia. The state of what we report here is unofficial, but what we can tell by joining many dots is that in the past few hours there has been a sudden acceleration and the situation was unblocked: the decisive contact was established between the parties and Inzaghi gave Cellino his yes to the Brescia project.