Pipo Cipolatti recalled how they did with their twin children to get ahead after the suicide of his wife

He also remembered his estrangement from Charly García.

Saturday night Pipo Cipolatti was one of the guests to PH We Can Talk (Telefe). In addition to talking about his beginnings in music, he recalled one of the most difficult moments he went through when his wife and mother of his twin sons, committed suicide.

Andy Kusnetzoff took advantage of the singer’s presence to ask him about Georgio and Donato, who are 19 years old and whose godparents are Fabiana Cantilo, Charly garcia, Gerardo Sofovich Y Paulina Karadagian, daughter of the remembered referent of Titans in the Ring. The driver wanted to know how they managed to get ahead after their mother’s suicide, Flavia Pereyra, when they were very young.

“It all happened together. They were born two weeks after my dad died, in February 2002. At the age of two, the mother and I happened to be an only child, we were left with nothing but my mother, the boys and me. We are looking for a way to make the situation picturesque and not pathetic, ”Cipolatti began in his story.

Pipo with his then partner, at the baptism of their children. (Photo: Twitter / @ Castelopio)

He also added: “I don’t know what gave me the strength to continue, because things happen. Better and worse can happen, in fact a lot of things happened at that time and they continue to happen all the time, but I reject the ugly thing that happened to me”.

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Listening to him, Andy asked for more and wanted to know if in that difficult moment he had the support of the godparents he chose for his children: “Charly was very close to me and he was the one who saw the boys most often. He had many guitars in the rehearsal room that he would break on stage, one day he gave them to me and He told me that if I needed to sell them that that money was for the boys“Said the musician giving details of his colleague’s gesture.

However, he clarified that he had no relationship with García for more than 10 years: “I would like to see it but a lot happened. I think that I feel bad when I see it, or I can’t speak in the same way as before, that’s why I prefer it to continue like this … as a mystic among us ”.

At the same time, he said that the one who communicates with the twins from time to time is Cantilo. When mentioning Sofovich, who died in March 2015, he recalled: “It was the first time that he was someone’s godfather. Once I asked him if he could lend me some money, but he sent me to do a gig in Don Mateo’s hairdresser”.

Currently the twins live one block from Pipo’s house and he explained why they do not share a roof: “Apart from not having other relatives, I have neither time nor space nor patience to be a family of them and be on top. That is why they are at a friend’s where they have the impunity that gives them independence ”.

Pipo Cipolatti, trend in social networks

As a result of his time on the program, his name became a trend on Twitter. While many users emphasized the godparents he chose for his children, others remarked that he seems younger than his age.

Pipo was a trend in the networks. (Photo: Capture Twitter / @ Castelopio)
Pipo was a trend on social networks. (Photo: Capture Twitter / @@ GaBPicci)
The musician said that Charly García has not been spoken to for 10 years. (Photo: Capture Twitter / @ sebas_arana)
Pipo was a trend on Twitter. (Photo: Twitter Capture / @ SamantaAdradas)
Pipo was a trend in social networks. (Photo: Capture Twitter / @ / juanma8422)


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