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Politicians with diametrically opposed views entered the second round of elections

Chile’s run-off presidential election saw two striking opposites emerge: a middle-aged ultra-conservative dubbed “Chilean Trump” and a former student activist leftist. Experts consider these elections to be the most important since the days of General Augusto Pinochet, as they can determine the path the country will take in the coming years.

In the first round of voting on Sunday November 21st, 55-year-old right-wing Jose Antonio Cast won nearly 28% of the vote. Gabriel Borik, 35, who is in favor of progressive reforms, received about 25%. The second round of elections will take place on December 19.

Kast described voting as a choice between “freedom and communism,” but Borik said he was fighting for “democracy, social unification and justice.”

Why is it important?

The diametrically opposed views of Casta and Borik reflect the situation in Chile in recent years. At the end of 2019, the country was gripped by massive protests, the main reason for which was significant economic inequality: low salaries and pensions amid poor quality education and a declining health care system. About 30 demonstrators were killed.

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