Pilot project: Making music should make learning German easier


The Musikum Salzburg started a project at the primary school in Obertrum (Flachgau) in which German and music lessons are combined. This should make learning easier for the children.

The four cases of the German language are on the timetable in the primary school in Obertrum. Each case gets its own instrument, explains the ten-year-old Johanna: “I know the cases much better now than if we had only discussed them in a book”. Nine-year-old Jonas adds: “We learn musically and also play fun games. I like it better than just writing.”

Children who teach Obertrum


The students connect the cases of the German language with an instrument

The combination is about rhythm, speech melody and pitch. Music is structured in the same way as sentences and words are structured, explains Christina Schindlauer, the 4b class teacher in Obertrum: “Children react more strongly to musical stimuli than to spoken words. It’s all about having a positive experience while learning through music. It increases receptivity.” According to the educator, this would better anchor learning content in the brain.

Trial run for the curriculum

A music teacher from the Musikum visits the school class once a week. Content is then transferred together as part of the curriculum, explains Verena Strasshofer from Musikum Salzburg: “Music is also important for building vocabulary. Through the rhythm, through the melodies in the songs and the structures of the music and listening, we can understand language more easily or differently”.

In the further course, this part should then be taken over by the class teachers themselves. The 4b in Obertrum is currently the experimental class. If it works well, this form of teaching should be integrated into the curriculum and installed in other schools.

Musical German lessons

Making music together is meant to improve the ability to learn during German lessons

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