The closure of the establishments and the Dry Law from 12:00 am to 5:00 am will be without effect after Thursday, October 14, the executive order on COVID-19 expires, announced on the afternoon of today, Tuesday, the governor Pedro R. Pierluisi.

However, as a precautionary and preventive measure, the president It will maintain all the provisions related to vaccination, capacity limitation and use of a mask.

The government will not issue a new executive order, as the restrictions that remain in force are part of other statutes or administrative orders of the Department of Health.

On the other hand, there will be no restriction on elective surgeries either.

Regarding capacity, the 50 percent standard will be maintained in those commercial establishments that do not require evidence of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test, such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, arenas, theaters, activity centers, gyms, meeting rooms. beauty and barbershops, among others. This does not include supermarkets and grocery stores.

Also, the previously announced vaccination decrees will continue in effect; as well as the use of masks indoors and outdoors when physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.

In the same way, the obligation of N-95 masks for professionals in the health sector remains, which will now form part of the Health administrative order.

“As a people, we have succeeded in making the vaccination and the measures that have been implemented give results. Puerto Rico remains the jurisdiction with the most vaccinated people in the United States with 90 percent of people eligible to be vaccinated with one dose and 80 percent with two doses. On the other hand, 70 percent of the entire population of the Island is already vaccinated. This is a great collective achievement “said the chief executive in written statements.

The announcement comes at a time when the death toll in the archipelago has risen to 3,193 since the emergency began. So far, 25 people have died so far in October, according to official government data.

On the other hand, the number of people hospitalized for the virus is 108: 91 adults and 17 pediatric patients. Meanwhile, the positivity rate on the island is 2.91%, according to the health agency website.

“The positivity rate has dropped to less than 3 percent and hospitalizations, as well as deaths, have also decreased. Although we are doing very well, we still cannot lower our guard and we have to continue to protect ourselves. At this time I have decided not to make major changes and to maintain certain restrictions to safeguard the health and safety of allPierluisi added.

The governor assured that he will keep an eye on the statistics and did not rule out making changes, if necessary.

“We must all continue with the proper precautionary measures and not lower our guard. The vaccine works and saves lives; Therefore, I urge those who have not been vaccinated and can do so, to do so. I will continue to be attentive to the different statistics and recommendations from health professionals and the economic sector to make changes if necessary.”, Stated the president.

Regarding vaccination, Health data indicates that 2,507,606 people over 12 years of age have received at least one dose of authorized vaccines and 2,272,550 people over 12 years of age have completed the series.


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